About Me

Sandeep Ganatra

My name is Sandeep Ganatra. I have been working as a psychotherapist in north west London since 1999.

My sense of myself is that I have arrived at a place where I am doing what is truly mine to do. I am humbled by the manner in which the curative forces of nature manifest in people’s lives – soothing deep melancholy, calming long standing upset and hurt or simply bringing people back to themselves in an organic and authentic manner. I am left marvelling at the richness of the journeys I am entrusted to witness.

I initially studied Social Psychology at undergraduate level and Information Technology as a postgraduate, both at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

Having embarked on a corporate career, I was all the while aware that I needed to afford myself a certain stability and time to address difficulties arising from a somewhat challenging childhood. This I proceeded to do in a variety of ways. Initially with much reading, later by participating in various personal development programmes, and later still organising and leading workshops.


This led me to a four year Psychotherapy training at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (ccpe.org.uk) in London which I completed in 1999. I have run a private practice ever since.

I have also trained in Family Constellations at the Centre for Systemic Constellations (www.thecsc.net). It beautifully complements my approach and widens the lens through which to observe a person’s emotional landscape.

In addition to English, I also speak fluent Gujarati and German.